Canoes For Sale



  Every year we purchase new canoes to replace our older ones.  This leaves us canoes that are still in good shape to paddle just not excellent shape so we don’t want to send them out with our guests.  We have a 2004 Minnesota II canoe made by Wenonah that is in great shape.  It is kevlar and has the bucket seats with a wave yoke.  We’re willing to sell this 42 pound beauty for only $1000.

     Along with our used canoe we also have a used kayak.  Our Sirocco Rotomolded kayak by Current Designs is in terrific shape.  It is 16 feet long and weighs only 59 pounds a great deal for $950.   


Osagian Canoe made a prototype canoe that we have as a demo.  Since Alumacraft quit making aluminum canoes and Grumman can’t seem to make up their mind we asked them to work on a lightweight design for the BWCA.  This canoe has only been out once and looks new.  It weighs 69 pounds and is 17 feet long, you can have it for $800. 

     Be sure to check out the photos on our online Trading Post.