Canoeing is Exercise

How can something so enjoyable be considered good for you?  I guess I never really thought of paddling a canoe as exercise since it is such a fun thing to do, but it certainly is.  Canoeing is a great physical fitness activity for people of all ages.  Getting enough exercise today seems to be a challenge facing not only adults but also youth.  In a recent article I read, "Children are over 40% less active then they were 3 decades ago."  It isn’t difficult to imagine why physical activity is on a decline, just look around an average household and you will find the answers; big screen televisions, video games, computers, dishwashers, and more.  Very little activity is required in order to have hours of uninterrupted stimulation.  Most of us know how exercise can benefit our physical health, but it also helps a person’s mental health.  So, do yourself and your children a favor and turn off the television, hop in a canoe, and paddle your way to better health.