Canoe Challenge to Ely and Back

Voyageur Crew member Dana along with two other paddlers completed the Ely Challenge in under twenty hours. They paddled from Saganaga to Swamp to Ottertrack, Knife and then the smaller lakes out to Moose Lake. They hitched a ride with a nice couple who brought them into Ely to the Dairy Queen.  They sent their postcard and then the nice couple brought them back to the landing at Moose Lake.

They hopped back into the canoe and paddled and portaged their way back to Saganaga in 19 hours and 53 minutes.  They paddled from Swamp Lake back to the Voyageur docks in an hour and 53 minutes.

A big thank you to the kind couple who gave them a ride.

BWCA canoe challenge

BWCA canoe challenge

BWCA, Boundary Waters
Boundary Waters Sunrise

BWCA Canoe Challenge