Boundary Water’s Permits

     The lottery for Boundary Water’s permits is now over and permits can be reserved live now via the telephone(1-877-550-6777) or the internet.  Very few people reserve permits during the lottery for entry points into the Boundary Waters accessed from the Gunflint Trail so there are plenty of permits available to choose from. 

     There are however a few changes for the 2007 BWCA Season due to the fires in the wilderness last summer.  The USFS has made some adjustments to aid in the regeneration of the forest and to continue campsite rehabilitation.   The following information is from the USFS:

<%image(20070124-canoesmall.jpg|200|150|Boundary Waters Canoe Trip)%>

·        All Boundary Waters Canoe Area entry points will be open for the 2007 season, including the Kekekabic Trail East entry point.

·        All entry points except Seagull Lake entries will be at the same visitor use levels as in the past.

·        For Seagull Lake , the regular quota of 11 entries per day has been reduced to 7 entries per day until such time as we can verify that regular levels of visitor use can be achieved without compromising rehab work and natural regeneration of burned areas and sites.

·        The Seagull Only permits (2 per day) that is generally available only when Seagull regular quota is completely booked, has been increased from 2 quotas per day to 6 quotas per day, and may be booked ahead of Seagull regular permits for this season only. 

·        If it is determined that visitor use levels established for 2007 in the area of the Cavity Fire can be increased without compromising recovery efforts or negatively impacting the quality of the visitor experience, quotas will be re-adjusted until we reach the regular use levels established in our Wilderness Implementation Plan.

     Feel free to call or e-mail Voyageur Canoe Outfitters with any questions you may have regarding the information above.  1-888-CANOEIT  If you would like help in reserving your permit or in choosing a route then feel free to give us a call, we’d love to see you at the end of the Gunflint Trail this summer.