Benefits of a BWCA Camping Trip

    BWCA Canoe Trips 

     There are so many benefits of taking a Boundary Waters canoe trip.  There’s just something about being in the wilderness that refreshes the mind and recharges the spirit.  I’m not sure if it’s rediscovering the beauty and miracles all around you or if it is realizing you are but a speck in the universe.

     The independence and freedom a person feels while on a canoe trip in the BWCA can’t be matched on any other vacation.  Leaving the laptop, cell phone and work behind is a liberating feeling like a weight being lifted off of your shoulders.  When I paddle away from shore to start a trip it may take a while to begin to relax.  But it doesn’t take long to feel the muscles in my face slowly become less tense.  My mind begins to clear of senseless clutter and things I fretted over become less and less important as I get farther away from home.

     Taking a BWCA trip is a great way to get a fresh perspective on life.  Remembering who you are and what your purpose of living is can be done in the silence and solitude of the wilderness.  It’s a wonderful feeling I experience out there that hangs with me when I return. 

     There’s still time this season to come experience it for yourself, we’d love to see you up here.  I know some of you can’t get away this fall and I wish I could bottle up that feeling and send it off to you to enjoy.

Boundary Waters Sunset