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    The bees I am referring to are worker bees from the Mush for a Cure.  We had so many people volunteer their time to help.   

<%image(20090316-ginnystevesma.jpg|250|207|Road Crossing)%>

 Two groups kept everyone safe with their radio skills and road crossing experience, the Ham Radio Operators and the Gunflint Trail Volunteer Fire Department.  There was the breakfast crew at Gunflint Pines, registration workers, parking attendants at both the Pines and Trail Center, road crossing volunteers, prize volunteers, Andrea the Cut for a Cure Queen, Jamming Jake the music man, Sky Dan the airplane pilot and his photographer Bruce Johnson and Sarah and her awesome staff at Trail Center.  There were other people who just jumped in to lend a hand when they saw something that needed to be done and we really appreciate it.

<%image(20090316-cutsm.jpg|150|139|Cut for a Cure)%>

     Then there were the folks who helped out in a big way the months before the race.  Dick and Phyllis Parker lent their expertise and were the Race Marshalls.  I really don’t know what a Race Marshall does but I know that Phyllis along with Jeanette and Betsy did an outstandng job at registration and Phyllis kept going at Trail Center by keeping track of details I didn’t even know existed.  Dick announced mushers over the PA throughout the day and I don’t think I ever saw him sit down.   

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 Rick and Jayne Johnson with their radio skills and command of the radio crew kept everyone safe and sound.  Shari Baker and Mark Black put up with their spouses having Mush on their brains for months.  Mike Prom kept his eye on the details for those of us with too big of view and assisted with set up and plowing.  Bob Baker took care of plowing the lakes, marking the trails and plowing the lakes again and again.  He along with Jean Vincent organized volunteers for the road crossings and he also made sure the trails were groomed and that there were porta potties.  The list of tasks performed is endless and we can’t thank everyone enough. 

<%image(20090316-mushcrewsm.jpg|350|178|Mush Crew)%>


     They say it takes a village to raise a child and I believe it takes a village to put on an event.  The community gave their endless support by helping with licenses, permits, fees and more.  Sponsors such as the Grand Marais State Bank, Como Oil, Arrowhead Electric, Gunflint Trail Association and many more provided gifts of money as well as prizes for mushers.  The Print Shop and Rachelle Christiansen designed the posters and many local businesses and citizens gave great gifts.

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     The dogs, the mushers and the spectators are a whole another story.  And then there’s Mary.  She had to put up with me during the whole planning process and the day of the event.  She has to continue to put up with me for finishing up the dots on i’s and crosses on t’s of all of the post event details.  She is a remarkable woman.  Talented, intelligent and patient even though she is a blonde.  Love ya Mary!  Thanks for everything ya Dork!