BEARS! An Exhilerating Dice Game


    I recently came across a game while browsing online.  It’s a dice game called BEARS and it really intrigued me.  I like to buy new things for our store and thought perhaps this would be a welcome addition to my game selection. 

     I ordered the game and we haven’t quit playing it since it arrived.  You can play with up to 4 people so it’s a perfect game for our family.  There are two sets of dice; one with either a bear or tent on it and the other set with a gun, a person running or a sleeping bag on it. Each player gets 5 of the set of dice with the gun, person running or sleeping bag on it and then places 5 of the other dice for each person playing in the middle.

     The object is to quickly pair up your dice for the maximum amount of points before the remaining dice are all either tents or all bears.  You pair up your dice with the dice in the middle and you either shoot the bear, run from the tent or sleep through the attack. 

     I have had quite a time trying to get it through my head that you don’t chase after the bear or run from the bear.  You are supposed to run from the tent that the bear is attacking so the tent and runner go together, the tent and sleeping bag go together and the gun and the bear go together. 

     You can only pick one die up at a time and you need to move quickly.  You get 5 points for sleeping through the attack if no bears are left in the middle but if there are bears left in the middle then you get negative 2 points for each sleeping bag/tent combination you have in your hand.  So, not only do you need to look for pairs but you also need to make sure you aren’t going to leave bears in the middle.  Once all the dice in the middle are the same then someone yells, "BEARS."

     If you’re like me then you might yell before it’s actually time to yell and then you lose a point.  Also if you create an invalid pair such as the running person with a bear then you lose a point.  I tend to score extremely low numbers when compared with the rest of my family members who have had no problems understanding the concept.

     The game box says it’s suitable for players 7 years and up and that the Complexity of the game is 1 out of 5 stars, or very low.  I’m not sure what that says about me but I don’t really care because I sure have fun playing.  I’m pretty sure you would have a blast playing this game too.

     If you’d like to buy the game BEARS! then please send me an email.  I don’t have any in stock right now but I should be able to get them quickly.  The cost is $19.95 plus shipping and handling.  If you’d like to find BEARS! in a store near you then check out their Store Finder online.