Bear in the BWCA

With all of the blueberries out in the bush you wouldn’t think  bears would need to harass campers in the BWCA but I guess these bears have picky palettes.  They have been frequenting campsites on the Caribou Lake east of the Gunflint Trail, not the one accessed from Poplar Lake.  The bears are acting aggressively so the USFS has closed all of the campsites on Caribou and Little Caribou Lakes until further notice.

Bummer for those with permits to enter the Boundary Waters in that area.  It’s a good reminder to all of us to keep our campsites clean so bears don’t get in the habit of visiting them.  Hopefully these bears will find some berries and leave the campsite alone.


Please contact the Gunflint Ranger District office at 387-1750 with any questions.