Bad Flies

     I always said black flies didn’t like me, I guess I was wrong.  The other night I was outside visiting with someone who was swatting away these little devils.  I, on the other hand was just letting them land on me not paying any attention to them.  I even said to this person, "Black flies don’t like me, I never get bit by them."  To this I received a quizzical look and a glance at my arm.  I looked down to see a dozen red spots of blood on my arm and more black flies attacking. 

     I was shocked by what I saw.  Usually it’s the mosquitos that like me and I can’t ever remember being bit by a black fly.  We don’t have very many black flies at Voyageur for some reason but I was down at Gunflint Lodge.  These particular flies were pesty and I soon retreated indoors to wipe my wounds.

     The next day I was even more shocked by what I felt.  Crazy stinging and itching that I couldn’t help but scratch.  I’m always telling the kids to stop scratching but the only way I could prevent myself from scratching was to wear long sleeves and pants.  I had welts the size of quarters up and down my arms, on my head, and all over my legs.  It was the craziest thing I have ever seen and felt.

     I am going to have to be more careful when I head outside where there are black flies.  I know a fabric sheet works well and I’ve heard vanilla & water does the trick too.  If you have a secret remedy you’d like to share then please feel free to do so, I guess I need to know.