You are in What?

     There is something crazy that happens at Voyageur and probably at other outfitters during the summer.  It’s when a canoe group walks into the office and says, "Hi, we’re in early."  To which my mind screams, "WHAT???????" 

     As a person who could never get enough of camping in the wilderness I just do not understand this strange phenomenon.  I try not to act too astounded as I calmly ask, "Was everything ok?"  In a rare circumstance the group will reply, "Buddy got his head bit off by a gator and we don’t have a needle to sew it back on."  But most of the time it’s an answer more like, "The boy wanted to get home to call his girlfriend or the wind was at our back so we took advantage of it or even the forecast called for rain for the rest of the week."  Of course the only good reason I can think of for ending a canoe camping trip early is because I ran out of Diet Coke, but even still I would have a difficult time coming in before I had to.

     I value my time out on a canoe trip way too much to consider heading into civilization before absolutely necessary.  I always want to stay out longer and people have a difficult time convincing me to go back.  If it’s windy then I spend time on a rock or in a hammock, if it’s raining then I relax in the tent, if it’s sunny we go swimming, if it’s cloudy we go fishing and believe me I would love to be bored, it just never happens.  Looking at trees, picking berries, collecting fire wood, exploring a shoreline, putting my feet in the water, listening to the loons, watching an eagle, I could be content forever.  If someone were to say, "I want to go back" then I would reply, "That’s fine, you can want to go back, but we aren’t going back so deal with it."  If they were to say, "I’m bored."  then I would say, "That’s good, everyone should experience boredom."  If my kids started to drive me crazy with pestering me then I would find an answer or a solution to that as well but I would not go in early from a canoe trip. 

     WOW, I guess that says a little bit about my personality. At this point you should be thinking, "I’m not sure I would want to be her kid, or go out camping with her, or anything along those lines would be appropriate."  Those of you who come to Voyageur and see me behind the desk will think twice about saying, "We’re in early."  You better have thought of a good story like Bubba got bit by a Boa Constrictor.(I know they don’t bite, it just sounds good.)

     Anyway, I’ll try to do my best to understand but there are no guarantees that I won’t go a little crazy.     I’m content to be out canoe camping in the wilderness and I hope I never have to say, "I’m in early."