Amazing Nature

     Nature never ceases to amaze me.  Things can change appearance so quickly and transform almost overnight.  The colors are different based upon the amount of daylight and cloud cover.  Even though I may see the same scenery on a daily basis it changes appearance on a daily basis as well.    

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  There were intermittent rain showers all day yesterday broken up by long lasting sunshine.  In the evening there were showers and sunshine along with some gorgeous rainbows.  The weather adds a whole dimension to nature and this morning there was a very heavy dew on everything.  As I passed beneath the power lines water actually dripped onto me.  What I saw when I rounded one corner took my breath away.  The sun was just coming up and was shining at a low angle while a light fog diffused the light.  There in front of me in many of the trees were spider webs of all different shapes and sizes.  They were absolutely stunning with the dew clinging to them and the sun shining through them.  A beautiful sight indeed.    

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 When I got back to my place I noticed the sign at our driveway.  Last year the Ham Lake Fire burned much of the area behind it right down to rock and ash.  This year you wouldn’t even be able to guess a fire was ever there.  The popple tres are 5-7 feet high, the wild roses are blooming and trees that were planted are already growing.

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     I walked the path from our Riverside Cabin to the lodge yesterday.  It hadn’t been too many days before when I had walked it last but to my astonishment I counted 17 lady slippers where I had counted zero on my previous walk. 

     New wildflowers bloom each day, young wildlife gets bigger and even the water level fluctuates.  Visiting the same wilderness place two or three times would never get boring because nature is always changing things.  Yes nature is very amazing and I am lucky to experience it first hand.