Winter Camping in the Boundary Waters

     I’m wishing we could get out winter camping in the Boundary Waters yet this year. It’s been a long time since I’ve been winter camping but Mike has been able to get out pretty much each winter it seems.  He’s the only one in the family who has been able to use our canvas tent and wood stove.  He assures me it’s cozy and warm inside and I know I would love it.

     Soon the hockey season and basketball season will be over and we’ll have a little more time on our hands.  Not really though as Abby has already started back up practicing volleyball for the summer tournament and softball season won’t be far behind.  The snow will melt, the ice will thaw and we’ll be back on the lake paddling in no time.  There’s always next year for winter camping, but I’d rather do it now.

You can read about a winter camping trip in the BWCA in Sam Cooks article.


winter in the bwca