Wilderness Classroom

     Some of you readers may remember entries in my blog about the Wilderness Classroom Organization.  They take various wilderness expeditions and classrooms around the world follow along on the internet.  One of the trips was the kayak circumnavigation of Lake Superior and most recently the Trans-Amazon Expedition.    

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 Two of the participants of these adventures are Dave Freeman and Amy Voytilla; both have spent lots of time in and around the Gunflint Trail.  Amy used my Pink Paddle on their Trans-Amazon Expedition and just sent me some great photos with it.  Amy also recently nominated Dave for the Enegizer’s Keep Going Hall of Fame Contest.  He has the opportunity to win $5000 for a charity and $10,000 for himself if enough people vote for him.     


 It would be terrific if you would take the time to go to the website and cast your vote for Dave.  They are doing great things with the Wilderness Classroom and I know he would do great things with the money too.