Going “Out” for Dinner


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  One of the best things about living at the end of the Gunflint Trail is our opportunity to go "out" for dinner.  Our great location on the Seagull River allows us to paddle south to Gull Lake and the Trail’s End Campground where Way of the Wilderness operates the Trail’s End Cafe. 

    The Trail’s End Cafe has the best hamburgers on the Gunflint Trail.  They aren’t the pre-made, thin as a pancake burger, they are deliciously huge burgers.  Everyone says the mushroom swiss burger and onion rings are to die for, but since I don’t like mushrooms or swiss cheese I’ll stick to the plain cheeseburger or any of their chicken sandwiches.        

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I love the Trail’s End Campground.  It’s the most beautiful campground I have ever seen and remains so even after the Ham Lake Fire.  The fire did touch portions of the campground but thanks to some amazing firefighting most of the sites and all of the outhouses were spared.  It is so wonderful there I sometimes wish I could set up my tent on a campsite and remain there for the entire summer.       

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   The other night we were fortunate enough to have time to go "out" for dinner.  My sister and her family were visiting so we loaded the canoes and paddled to the Trail’s End Cafe.  We enjoyed a great dinner and an even better sunset as we paddled our way back home.