Where’d That Come From?

     With all of the sunshine on the Gunflint Trail this past week I hadn’t been looking at the weather forecast.  I got used to looking through the window and seeing blue skies and sunshine every day. I just assumed yesterday would follow suit and be the same thing.  Unfortunately we can’t just assume things will happen especially when it comes to Minnesota weather.

     Water started dripping from the sky yesterday and continued throughout the evening.  In total we got about .25" of rain. It seemed like we were getting more than that based upon the amount of water in the bottom of the boats. The rain helped to cool things down about 15 degrees so it was a welcome reprieve.

     For all of the folks heading home today it should help make things a bit easier.  I never want to leave some place that has gorgeous weather. Knowing it can rain and having cloudy skies somehow makes leaving a little less traumatic.  It’s never fun to pack up wet camping gear though. It’s what makes renting from an outfitter all the more wonderful of a decision.