What is Wrong With People?

I realize there are a number of things wrong with people but today’s blog is about the ones who can’t follow rules/regulations/laws regarding our natural resources. Some people can plead ignorance about fishing regulations but it’s astonishing to me how so many people disregard rules.

The Conservation Officer weekly reports only offer a glimpse into the lack of compliance. Their contact with individuals compared to the total population out in the woods or on the lake is minimal. What other rules are people disregarding? These people are most likely responsible for the spread of invasive species, garbage floating in the lake and other offenses that impact our environment. It’s a sad situation and one where you just have to shake your head and wonder, “What is wrong with people?”

CO Anthony Bermel (Babbitt) worked angling, boating, and ATV enforcement throughout the week. One evening while patrolling on Birch Lake activity levels were surprisingly low, but the violation rate was 100%. The mosquito annoyance level at dark was also very high. Violations encountered throughout the week included several instances of fishing without licenses, trout stamps, angling with extra lines, as well as no PFD in a boat.

Enforcement action was taken for no angling license, no trout stamp, and failure to activate a burn permit.

The officer also patrolled campgrounds and cleaned up trash left by irresponsible campers.

Violations included angling without a license in possession, and no lifesaving device onboard a watercraft.

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