Another Reason to Love the Boundary Waters

We know the Boundary Waters are a magical place. We long for the solitude and serenity found on a wilderness campsite. In the BWCA we know we are relatively “safe.” There are numerous examples of what I mean and one look at a newspaper or online news only reinforces my love for the woods and waters of the Boundary Waters.

What prompted this blog post? A recent article about a 16 year old boy killed by a black bear during an adventure race in Alaska.

Thoughts on loving the BWCA-

  • no poisonous snakes
  • no crocodiles, alligators or other creatures in the water who consider humans lunch
  • no polar bears, grizzlies or other animals on land looking to kill humans
  • no poisonous dart frogs or killer spiders
  • no deadly pathogens in the water
  • no riptide, surf swells or tsunamis

I imagine I could come up with many more reasons I love the BWCA and consider it safe but I’ll leave that until another day.


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