What do you look like?


<%image(20070919-morganjoysm.jpg|389|291|Morgan Joy in the wilderness)%>

  Some people look like their parents, others look like their pets and there are some who begin to look like their spouse after years of marriage.  In the case of our recent guests they not only have the look of their last name but they also exude Joy.

     Jim and Morgan Joy, along with a paddling companion, were up on a canoe trip last week.  They arrived with smiles on their faces and positive energy coming out of them.  When they walked into the room Joy literally filled it.  Such happy people who after days of high winds and rain came off of the water more joyful than when they left.   

<%image(20070919-jimmorganjoysm.jpg|297|223|Jim and Morgan Joy in the canoe country)%>

     It’s such a treat to have people like the Joy’s paddle with us and we’re hoping they spread their joy through the wilderness again.