Water Levels

     WOW.  That’s all a person can say when they look at how much the water has come up during this month.  The Gunflint Trail has received anywhere from 15-20 inches of rainfall since the beginning of September.  We normally get 2-3 inches of precipitation in September with 5.2" in 1998 being the most we have received in the past 10 years.  All you need to do is ask a homeowner or resort owner how many times they’ve had to bail their boat or move their docks this month and you’ll know how much the water level has increased.

     Everyone who lives on the water has a little marker or gauge they go by to determine how the water level is.  We have a big rock that in the spring is completely submerged with 2 feet of water over it.  In the fall this same rock sits completely out of the water as it was at the beginning of this month.  Now that rock has more water over it than it has all summer long.  It’s absolutely amazing how much of a difference all of the rain has made. 

     We’re thankful for the rain and happy to see the lake levels rise.  Along with the rain Mother Nature has thrown in some sleet, snow, wind and lightning into the mix.  Today she has blessed us with a beautiful, sunny, blue sky, fall day.  It’s a perfect day to get out and enjoy the wilderness, so get outside and have some fun.