Wenonah Solo Canoes

Black Friday and the holidays are right around the corner. There’s no better time to buy yourself a present then now(I don’t really believe that, but it sounds like a good commercial).

I like to buy experiences rather than things when it comes to spending my money. However, some experiences require things. Example- A Boundary Waters Canoe Trip is the perfect experience for gift giving and receiving. If you are into self care, want to buy yourself something, then a solo canoe would be a great thing to purchase.

Wenonah Canoe located in Minnesota is the best place to purchase your canoe. They have a great variety of solo boats that are lightweight even with the heaviest coating you can choose. At Voyageur we rent out the Prism and the Canak but we might have to look into purchasing an Encounter.  A canoe is a gift that keeps on giving!

I’ve copied and pasted the information from the Wenonah website to share with you. You can find more information on their website. 

Encounter 17″ length 31.5″ width-  Go ahead, plan your trip – circumnavigate Prince Edward Island, or cruise the St. Lawrence to the sea. The Encounter was created for long, solo expeditions with ample gear. It tracks straight and carries weight easily over rough water. Roomy enough for large people and buoyant enough for heavy loads, the Encounter is a specially engineered craft. But it’s engineered for comfort, too – with the standard sliding bucket seat and foot braces, you can easily adjust the canoe to fit you and your load.

Prism 16.6″ length 30.75 width-  The Prism is our most popular composite solo canoe. Incredibly versatile, it’ll take you comfortably over all kinds of waters. Blending efficiency, stability, capacity, and finesse, it’s ideal for cruising with a light load, but also has the volume needed for medium-length trips. Canoe & Kayak Magazine said it well when they wrote, ” The Prism is all about glide and speed. It’s a lean boat that tracks the best of those reviewed, yet will turn quickly enough, and returns to a stable position more readily than other fast canoes.”

Canak 16″ length 30″ width- With a hull shape similar to that of our most popular solo canoe the Prism, the Wenonah Canak is great for solo lake camping when the capacity and portability of a canoe is needed, and the touring ability of a kayak is desired. The one of a kind bow and stern storage compartments are spacious and more accessible than standard kayak hatches for easy loading and unloading of canoe camping sized packs (rectangular packs up to 5500 cubes fit in the bow and 7000 cubes fit in the stern). The slip over covers provide a dry ride no matter the weather conditions. The floor mounted sliding seat and adjustable kayak style foot braces make this boat as comfortable as any large cockpit kayak. Choose from our eight composite colors for the deck, the hull is skin coat. No options. Cockpit size is 41″ x 21″ (104.14 cm x 53.34 cm).

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