The Magic of Disney

Disney World is a magical place but is all magic good? I’m experiencing Disney right now with my daughter and niece who are both teenagers. On the way to Magic Kingdom yesterday we were listening to the radio and they were asking people to call in with their pet peeves. We had a good laugh listening to the things people came up with and it made for a fun rest of the day.

We came up with an overwhelming number of pet peeves over the course of the 12, yes 12 hours we spent in the Park. I am not a crowd loving person, I love my time alone in the woods and I like my personal space so Magic Kingdom is not the ideal place for me to spend 2 hours let alone 12 hours. I do love the idea of Disney and would enjoy the experience much more if I could rent the park out for me and my closest 30 friends. Since I can’t afford to do that, here we are.

There are a number of great websites out there for planning your Disney Trip. One even tells you the crowd levels, travel patterns, expected wait times and anything you want to know. If you’re considering a Disney vacation then I suggest checking it out.  I have no clue how many people were in attendance yesterday but for me it was too many.

Back to our pet peeves. We came up with a few of them I will share, some I won’t because they might offend someone, no, they would for sure offend someone and the ones I’m sharing might too, sorry!

Pet Peeves

Phones- In a dark auditorium after the announcer tells you to turn off phones and not to use flash it is annoying to see a lighted screen. People stopping mid-stride to take a selfie is even more annoying. Someone walking smack into you because they are filming fireworks while walking is really not “OK.”

Strollers- At the beginning of the day only a triple stroller or a big kid in a stroller caught our attention but by the end of the night any stroller became a pet peeve because you feared being ran over by the ragged parent pushing it.

Motorized Carts- In the morning only people trying to run us over and then making it look like it was our fault bothered us but by the end of the night just the sight of one had us running the other way because we knew some of those people were really trying to run us over.

Swords & Light Sabers- Kids wielding sabers pretending they are a jedi are cute in the morning even when they poke you in the face 6 times but when the sun is gone and the moon is high bring one out and you might “rhymes with dye.” Some of those cute kids look different beneath the light of the moon and it isn’t a good look either.

So, there are a few of our Pet Peeves we accumulated at Magic Kingdom yesterday, I hope you enjoyed them. Today is another day and we’ll see what sort of Disney Magic we experience today.

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