Weekend Fun

     Memorial Weekend is here.  People are off to cabins and lakes to see family and friends.  None of our family or friends are coming to visit this weekend as we are always too busy working to visit or entertain.  This year we have such a great staff Mike and I may just have to go have some weekend fun of our own.

     Mark and Mary Black are having their annual May birthday bash.  They have both celebrated birthdays as well as their wedding anniversary and are having a big party on Sunday.  Mike also celebrated his birthday this May without much fanfare.  We’ve never been able to go, but are hoping to make it this year.  It’s a long drive, a bumpy one at that.

     They live off of the beaten path.  From Grand Marais you have to drive East/North up Highway 61 for 20-30 minutes, then turn off and head into the woods.  The road is blacktopped inititally but then turns to dirt, round another corner and it becomes two tire tracks, finally the last leg of the trip is little more than a moose path.  From our house it’s a couple of hours of travel time but from what I’ve heard its worth it. 

     Our kids would love to go to Mark and Mary’s.  They enjoy all of the sled dogs . We may just have to determine if it’s worth it ourselves.  Do a little fishing today and maybe having a little weekend fun for ourselves tomorrow.