Walleye Wranglers Ride Again

     Time sure flies when you’re having fun and that’s what the Walleye Wranglers have been doing for quite some time.  They’ve been guests of Voyageur since way before Mike and I owned it and have been catching Saganaga walleyes for just as long.

     Paging through old photo albums of Don Enzenauer’s, the previous owner of Voyageur, I found some familiar faces the other day.  Well, they weren’t that familiar but there were some distinguishing features that I could recognize, mainly the walleyes in their hands.  Dave and Al along with the other wranglers whose names must remain a secret for their safety, have caught and released their share of fish over the years.

     This year was especially good for big walleyes.  One of their group members, we’ll call him Mike, caught and released a gorgeous walleye, his biggest ever just under 30".  It was a big looking 30" too.  He’s having a graphite replica made after making sure the real one swam away so he can try to catch it again next year.

     I don’t have any photos of the Walleye Wranglers to share since they prefer to remain anonymous due to the overwhelming demand that would be placed on them if people knew how they could catch fish on Saganaga.  We’ll miss them until they ride again next year.

      I do have photos of some other smaller Saganaga beauties caught by Pat Taylor and crew.  The Northern Pike was around 40", caught on 4 pound test and a jig! Come try your luck on Sag! 

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<%image(20090522-taylor group northern 40.jpg|300|380|Saganaga Northern Pike)%>
<%image(20090522-taylor group walleye.jpg|300|400|Saganaga Walleye)%>