Voyageur’s Resident Fishing Guide


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    Josh Prom is Voyageur’s best fishing guide.  At just 6-years old he has caught more fish and species of fish than most of us could hope to catch in a lifetime.  It isn’t suprising since he spends the majority of each day and night standing on the dock casting his line.  The dock isn’t the best fishing spot but it does keep him busy reeling in smallmouth bass, sunfish, crayfish and northern pike.   

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    Josh is determined to catch Old Mossyback who lives in the Seagull River.  This is a Northern that stretches as long as Tim Edmund’s arms, and his arms are long.  Tim operates the Gunflint Wilderness Camp across the river from us and he’s the one who first told Josh about this monster pike that lurks in our waters.  My niece Paige thinks Old Mossyback is just a legend but Josh and I are convinced he does exist and we will one day catch him to prove it.

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     Josh is happiest when he can go out onto a lake in a canoe or boat to try his luck.  The other day he was fortunate to go fishing with the 2nd best guide on the Gunflint Trail, Bob Baker from Gunflint Pines.  Since Bob is old enough to drive the boat Josh let him determine where they would go to find their catch.  They attempted to fish for walleyes but according to Josh the wind died down so they had to change their plan and try for some trout.    

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  The lake trout were cooperative and before long a number of good sized trout had been landed.  The three boys had a great time reeling them in and Jaret Baker pulled in a very big trout.  It’s wonderful to see these boys enjoying themselves so much while spending time in the great outdoors.  Josh is a proud angler and I’m an even prouder mom.

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    The next time you are planning a trip up the Gunflint Trail you may want to see if you can fish with one of the Boundary Waters Boy’s Fishing Guides.  They may be forced to change their name if Abby has anything to do with it since she is the resident walleye woman, but until then you can call them BWBFG for short., and they are short.  Short in stature but tall in pride and full of fishing knowledge some of us can only dream about having. 

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     When Josh isn’t outside fishing he’s inside learning about fish.  He has videos about catching all types of fish he watches over and over.  He also has numerous books about fishing that I get to read and look at the pictures with him.  He also has a poster of fish on his wall that he stares at each night before drifting off to sleep.  It’s no wonder why Josh is the best fishing guide at Voyageur.  Gotta go, we just got a new fishing book and someone wants me to read it to him…