First Year Females

     Summer staff is an important part of our life at Voyageur.  Our staff lives, eats and works together on a daily basis and becomes part of our family.  This year we started out a little shaky since our four staff cabins burned to the ground during the Ham Lake Fire.  The two new to the Voyageur Crew females were flexible and have been more than willing to make adjustments with the temporary housing they have been given for the summer.  We are so lucky to have found two great additions to the summer staff, Beth Boal and Jessica Montgomery.  

<%image(20070630-bethsm.jpg|250|239|Voyageur Crew Member Beth)%>

   Beth Boal is originally from Maple Grove, Minnesota and will be attending her second year of college at Iowa State University this fall.  She found out about Voyageur through a friend who has worked at Voyageur and thought it sounded like something she would enjoy doing.  We’re glad she decided to give us a call because she is doing a great job at Voyageur.  She has a positive attitude, is awesome with guests and is a pleasure to have around.  She’s been working in the kitchen, outfitting, in the store and wherever we need her.  Beth and Jessica have fit in perfectly with the "veteran" Voyageur Crew.   

<%image(20070630-jessicasm.jpg|200|276|Voyageur Crew Member Jessica)%>

  Jessica Montgomery isn’t new to the Boundary Waters or Voyageur Canoe Outfitters, but she is a new crew member.  She has taken canoe trips through Voyageur the past five summers and thought working here looked like something she would enjoy.  We certainly enjoy having Jessica around Voyageur and the guests love her too.  She spends time working with guests in the store, serving them breakfast and driving them to their entry points.  She’s a happy-go-lucky person who knows how to get things done right the first time and we’re so fortunate to have her as a crew member.  She is from Apple Valley, Minnesota and will enter her second year at Mankato State University this fall.

     It’s a difficult job to determine who will be a good fit for a position at Voyageur.  I feel these two first year females are a perfect fit and I know anyone who meets them will agree.  Now if we can only be so lucky as to have both Beth and Jessica become 2nd year crew members at Voyageur in 2008….