View from the Brewery in Grand Marais

I went to check out the progress on the Voyageur Brewing Company building yesterday and as always I was pleasantly surprised.  Things are moving right along and the building is looking beautiful. The people working on it are doing a fantastic job and I’m happy to say they are all local.

While there I decided to take a few photos. In addition to the great view from inside the brewery tasting room there’s going to be an awesome view from the rooftop patio.  I can’t wait to sit up there beneath the sun or stars and gaze out at Lake Superior.  We can’t wait for you to do it either!

View of Grand Marais Harbor
View from the rooftop of Voyageur Brewing Company
Voyageur Brewing Company Rooftop view
Brewery in Grand Marais, Minnesota
Voyageur Brewing Company View
Craft beer taproom in Grand Marais, Minnesota
View from the taproom in Grand MArais, MN
Craft beer in Grand Marais, MN
Brewing in Grand Marais, Minnesota
Craft Beer with a View


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