Too Many Pictures

     That saying about a picture is worth a 1000 words, well, if it’s close to true then stored digitally on external hard drives, Snapfish, and Picasa I must have billions or zillions of words.  I don’t think I’ve had photos printed since 2005 so that means I have over 5 years of photos stored electronically. 

      I take hundreds of pictures each month and am not very good and naming them or keeping them grouped.  I pretty much keep them by date which is just a little helpful.  At least I know if there will be snow in the picture or not, no, I guess I don’t even know that much since some are from vacations when there would otherwise be snow on the ground here.

     I am working on the Elementary Yearbook project for school and Abby is part of this year’s graduating class.  As a 5th grade student she and her friends will get a special spread in the yearbook.  I have taken hundreds of pictures of her and her classmates so I’ve been trying to go through my photos and find all of them. 

      It’s a slow process since I have to look at all of the pictures and copy and paste them to a different folder.  You would think I would name them now since I’m going through them all anyway, but I’m not.  How not smart is that?

     I think I’m going to do a picture a day program on our website or our blog.  I could probably do it for the next 10 years and never have to take another photo.  Heck, if a picture is worth a thousand words then I wouldn’t even need to write anything in my blog!

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