Time to go to Work

     Summer is here according to my daughter Abby. It’s what she stated as we pulled out of the driveway this morning on our way to the bus stop.  "Oh?" I said, "Why do you say that?"  "Cuz there are cars in our parking lot." She replied.

     It does feel like summer is here and there are vehicles in our parking lot at Voyageur.  We have guests staying in our lodge cabins and people out paddling the wilderness lakes of the Boundary Waters and Quetico Park.  Even Janice, the Quetico Park Ranger, is back in Cache Bay for her 25th season there. 

     We have a great Crew of employees already at Voyageur to add to the summer feeling.  Our quiet family dinners with four people have multiplied to include 6 more and with Abby and Josh’s friends over last Friday we had 13 at the table.  It’s so much fun to have staff here and it’s amazing what they can get done in a day.  We’ve never had this many crew members around so early in the season and it’s really been nice to have their help to get ready for the season.

     "I bet you’re not happy summer is here because now you have to work." That’s what Abby continued to say on our way to the bus.  I had to chuckle at that and ask if she really thought I didn’t work in the winter.  Josh chimed in and said, "Well, you do have to do your blog everyday." 

     Yep, I guess those kids are right.  Summer is here and now I have to work.  I better get to work or wait, is my blog work?  I’ll have to ask them when they get home from school.