Recent Sightings

     I never mind having to take a drive down the Gunflint Trail and I love to take walks along it.  There’s always something new to see along the way.  Mike spotted a bull moose with tiny antlers covered in velvet poking through in the moose pond the other day.  Last night we saw another bear running along the Gunflint Trail.  Today I saw strawberry blossoms, fiddlehead ferns and marsh marigolds.  I also saw a very recent pile of wolf scat, moose droppings and much to my annoyance pine marten poo. 

     This winter we thought we had a pine marten living in our outfitting building.  When we trapped and released it we were surprised to realize there was another one there, and another and another and then we realized it must have been a family.  Six pine martens later and now we think it must be an entire tribe. 

     We were hoping we had caught the last pine marten, but obviously we hadn’t.  I guess they don’t realize we need the outfitting building now.  The trap is set in hopes of catching the last pine marten.  We’ll happily release him or her into the wild and then hopefully we’ll have no future sightings of pine marten poo.