Thirty Below and I Couldn’t Be Happier

     I’d much rather see the thermometer read -30 degrees than 30 degrees above zero today.  The cold temperature is perfect for the day after our big storm and two days before Mush for a Cure.  I’m sure there are those people who read my blog who are thinking my brain has turned to mush and although that could be true it’s thirty below and I couldn’t be happier.

     The forecast looks good and that will make everyone involved in the Mush happy.  Tomorrow will remain cold and keep our trails in tip top shape.  Saturday’s forecast calls for temperatures up into the high 30’s which is probably too warm for dog mushing.   Most likely the trails will turn to mush by the end of the day, but that’s fine by me.

     Today should be an interesting day.  I received a phone call from the neighbor saying the bus was late and that I needed to bring the kids down to their stop, just 12 miles away.  It turned out fine but I was a little worried when I saw the thermometer and pondered what other surprises might pop up today. 

     The Education Foundation of Cook County ISD 166 where my children attend school is holding their Annual EATS Fundraiser;  Enriching Academics Through Sustenance.  I will be partaking in food samples provided by numerous Cook County restaurants, bidding on great silent auction items and listening to music provided by some High School students.  I’ll also be on hand to sell more raffle tickets for our PTA Fundraiser and to announce the winners.  If you want to buy a chance at winning a Wenonah Canoe then call me today, I can still get a ticket for you. 218-388-2224.

     There are other things going on today too.  Abby has Girl Scouts and both kids have their last hockey practice of the season.  Their last tournament is this weekend in Silver Bay with games on both Saturday and Sunday.  Unfortunately I won’t see them play on Saturday since face off for their first game is the same time as the start of Mush for a Cure.  Loose ends need to be tied up for Mush so Im sure it will be a busy day.

     This morning as I was driving home from delivering the kids to the bus stop the full moon was just reaching the horizon.  It was bold and beautiful against the morning sky and filled with light as the sun was just breaking the horizon behind me.  There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the fresh fallen snow was clinging to the branches of the trees.  It was then that I determined, "It’s thirty below and I couldn’t be happier."