The Gales of February

     It sounds more like November outside than February. The wind isn’t so much howling as it is roaring ferociously.  The gusts are up to 50 miles per hour in Grand Marais this morning and I imagine they were the same last night.

     We drove home from Duluth last night after a hockey game and Mike had a difficult time keeping the Suburban from being blown all over the road.  Luckily it wasn’t snowing much so we had good visibility. Unluckily there was some freezing rain and the temperature dropped too quickly for the salt on the road to make much of a difference.  Needless to say it was a long drive on the shore.

     Tonight we’ll have another drive to Duluth for a second hockey play-off game.  I noticed gas is up again to  almost $4 a gallon.  Not sure what is going on with the gas prices but it isn’t a good time to be driving up and down the shore every night.  We couldn’t have gotten very good gas mileage with the wind trying to blow us back to Duluth the whole time.

     I’m hoping the winds will calm down a little bit before this evening. Until then I’ll be sticking inside and close to the fire.