The Fox and the Hound and the Skunk

     Priority animal #1 at Voyageur, Rugby our dog.  2nd priority animal, Freddy the fox.  Third priority or not a priority at all is our newest arrival, Skunk.  I know skunks always get a bad rap and I often cheer for the underdog, but skunks just smell so bad it’s hard for me to like them.

<%image(20061016-skunk.jpg|292|198|gunflint skunk)%>

    It wouldn’t be so bad if this skunk would keep his nose and his stench in his own business but he hasn’t been able to do that.  He has been fighting with Freddy over food and territory and poor Freddy has no defense against skunk.  Even if Freddy tries to stay away Skunk can spray as far as 15 feet away.  I have smelled an animal that has been sprayed by a skunk and it isn’t a pleasant scent.  I don’t mind if Freddy smells bad I just don’t need Rugby to smell like a skunk.  Rugby likes to eat Freddy’s food too, but they seem to have an understanding and Rugby is quite defenseless himself.  Skunks are suppose to kill large populations of mice and insects yet I still have a mouse in my house.   

<%image(20061016-red fox.jpg|121|79|wildlife on gunflint trail)%>

   We really don’t want to have Skunk live here if he isn’t going to get along with everyone else.  So we looked on the internet on ways to deter a skunk.  It said to get a can of this spray that smells like some animal and spray it around your area.  When we looked at what animal it was suppose to smell like, guess what it said?  Yep, a fox!  There were other suggestions found at this informative website that we will try since our Skunk doesn’t seem to be bothered by Freddy. 

     Until Skunk decides to leave we’ll keep our fingers crossed that we won’t have to plug our noses!