The Colombian Connection



   This isn’t about coffee or about what else you may be thinking of.  This is about a group that has visited Voyageur all of the way from Bogota, Colombia for many years in a row.  They come to Minnesota to participate in the soccer tournament in Blaine, Minnesota and then they journey north to experience the BWCA with us.

     We are so lucky Dan Skillings brings his group of soccer players to Voyageur.  That way I get to say my college education was useful(I went to school to be a high school Spanish teacher).  That’s not the only reason we’re lucky.  It’s so much fun to introduce people to the BWCA and even more fun when they are children from a different country.  It’s great to see them out paddling and splashing around in the river enjoying the fresh air of the wilderness. 

     So, if you are ever out in the BWCA and hear a bunch of kids speaking Spanish then remember the Voyageur Colombian Connection and say, "HOLA!"