Take a Kid Fishing Weekend

Most kids love to go fishing and during the weekend of June 9-11th adults can fish for free with kids up to age 16.  Fishing is an awesome activity for parents and kids to do together and unlike most hobbies it isn’t too expensive to get into.  I’ve seen more fish caught on Snoopy or Scooby Doo rods than you can imagine and the tackle you use doesn’t have to be expensive.  I took my kids fishing over the weekend and even though we didn’t catch anything we had a great time.  It’s a great opportunity to visit, relax, and connect with your child without any distractions.  I like to pack a lunch or snacks and take a break at a campsite.  We usually spend time exploring and then take a quick swim before heading back out to fish some more.  It doesn’t have to be an all day or all weekend activity but do yourself and your child a favor and take advantage of Take a Kid Fishing Weekend.