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Ice and slush on the lakes

Snow and high winds made for dangerous conditions on Sunday afternoon.  That didn’t prevent some people from heading outside to fish or snowmobile. One group of anglers on the Gunflint Trail had to be rescued from Greenwood Lake when their

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Harvesting Ice

It’s been a few years since I helped with ice on Saganaga. On the Canadian side of the lake the resorts would harvest their own ice to use during the summer. Last year Cassidy and Matt went to help Ryan

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Disappearing Ice on Saganaga

The Boundary Waters are becoming liquid once again. The ice is slowly disappearing and Matt and Cassidy took advantage of the open water the other day to take a boat ride. Here’s a video and some photos they took.

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Great Lakes Ice Coverage or Lack Thereof

I don’t think it will be a year for visiting the ice caves in Wisconsin. There isn’t enough ice yet and it’s doubtful we’ll have enough consistently cold temperatures to freeze it solid enough for travel.  I guess I’ll have

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Snowing and Blowing

It’s been cold and windy the past few days and today it snowed. Thankfully it didn’t stick to the ground but it was depressing just the same. The rain we received along with the wind made some of the ice

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Winter in Grand Marais

The ice caves at the Apostle Islands received a ton of press and visitors this winter.  I didn’t make it out to see them but I did see lots of beautiful photos of them.  Luckily our shoreline of Lake Superior

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Ice Bridge to Isle Royale

It’s happened. An ice bridge has formed from the mainland of Canada out to Isle Royale in Lake Superior. This could be good news for the Isle Royale wolf population or bad news. The population of wolves is very low

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