Ice and slush on the lakes

Snow and high winds made for dangerous conditions on Sunday afternoon.  That didn’t prevent some people from heading outside to fish or snowmobile. One group of anglers on the Gunflint Trail had to be rescued from Greenwood Lake when their snowmobiles got stuck in about 14 inches of slush.

Luckily the anglers were able to get in touch with Canadian authorities via cell phone service who then contacted the Cook County Sheriff’s Department.  Search and Rescue personnel were tasked with attempting to locate them on the 2043 acre lake in 50 mile per hour winds.

The group was located a few hours later a couple of miles from the boat landing and rescuers transported them back to land where the ambulance was waiting. Only one of the anglers was showing signs of hypothermia and was taken to the local hospital. Thankfully everyone made it off of the lake safe and sound.


Check out the ice coverage on Lake Superior this year as compared to last year at this time.

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