Short Days

As Fall leads us towards Winter the days just keep getting shorter.  Twilight doesn’t happen until after 7:00 AM and sunrise is after 7:30 AM.  I can’t wait until Daylight Savings so it will at least not be pitch black outside when I drive Abby  to the bus stop in the morning.  Sunset is before 6:00 PM so there aren’t too many hours of daylight to get things done.  The hours of sunlight will continue to dwindle up until December.  It’s difficult to get much accomplished during the day and we find ourselves acting more like bears than humans.  We hunker down, sleep more, and even seem to eat more!  We’re hoping for a winter with lots of snow to get outside and play in so we can combat any winter blues that may try to sneak in on us.  Until then we will try to savor as much sunlight as we can yet this Fall.