Seasons on the Gunflint Trail

     Many of us folks on the Gunflint Trail live not by the months of the calendar but by the seasons and activities they represent.  One look in our closets, or in Mike’s case the laundry room,  and you can tell just what season it is.   

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  The laundry room is no longer strewn with blaze orange clothing and deer hunting items.  In it’s place is a large amount of ice fishing paraphernalia including tip ups, tackle, an ice auger and a bucket of minnows.   All of this season’s toys are in plain view now.  Snowshoes, cross-country skis, ice skates, poles, downhill skis, boot bags, sleds, helmets and more fill the lodge. 

     Seasons come and seasons go on the Gunflint Trail.  The Lake Trout fishing season within the Boundary Waters opened on the 30th of December and the Ruffed Grouse season closed on January 1st.   As residents we must adapt to the changing seasons so we continually dig in our closets for the proper gear and clothing.  Once we are set we head outside and enjoy whatever season it may be.