Full Moon of the New Year

     The most common name for the full moon of January has something to do with the word "cold."   I sure am hoping for a cold moon this year myself.  I look longingly for a January where we get tons of snow and below zero temperatures during the Cold Moon. 

     Some people may enjoy a mild winter where the Cold Moon doesn’t make an appearance, but I’m not one of those people.  I want it to be freezing cold so I feel safe when I’m crossing frozen lakes and I want there to be tons of snow to play in.  I know some people get tired of shoveling, plowing, starting fires in their fireplace, or paying the high price to heat their homes, but I’m not one of those people either.

     I’m the type of person who wishes for the January Moon descriptors to be right.  The Omaha call it the Moon when snow drifts into tipis.  The Arapaho say the January Moon is when the snow blows like spirits in the wind.  I’m ready to see the snow drift and hear the cold winds howl, so bring it on January Moon!  

<%image(20061230-frostysuesm.jpg|200|150|frosty sue)%>

Avg. High 15.6 degrees
Avg. Low -7.2 degrees
Avg. Precip .9 inches
Avg. Snow Accm. 15.2 inches