Same Sunrise

     We’re back where we were before Daylight Saving time.  The sun rise for today is at 6:24 AM and the sun rise for March 10th was the exact same time.  After Daylight Saving Time on March 11, 2007 the sun didn’t rise until 7:22 AM.  It’s nice and light when we take the kids to the bus stop again.

     The sunset hasn’t stayed the same and since March 10th we’ve gained almost 2 hours of daylight.  You gotta love it; unless of course you’re a parent who is trying to convince you’re kids it’s bedtime at 8:00 PM and it isn’t even dark out yet. 

     There’s more daylight on the way and by May 11th, a month from now and Mike’s Birthday, the sun will rise at 5:37 AM and it won’t set until 8:18 PM!