Same Moose Different Day

We have a resident moose on Sag Lake Trail who likes to greet Abby and I every morning as we drive out to the bus stop.  She looks like last year’s calf because she is quite small in size.  Since she looks almost white in color in the sunlight Josh has named her Blondie.  There is another moose closer to Seagull Lake that greets me on mornings when I run in that direction.  This is a bigger moose and I think it too is a female because I haven’t seen any sign of antlers yet.  The other morning on the way to town Heather and I saw a Cow and a Calf.  The calf looked too big to be this year’s calf and too small to be last year’s calf, so I’m not sure when it was born.  Heather has been keeping track of the number of moose she has seen since she moved up here in February and those two moose made her total reach an even 20.

<%image(20060425-blondie.jpg|300|225|Gunflint Trail Moose)%>