Morning Music

It is so nice to wake up to the sounds of birds singing outside of my window.  One of my favorite birds to listen to is the white throated sparrow.  Its’ call has been said to sound like, "Oh sweet Canada, Canada, Canada," but you can listen to it by clicking on this link.  One sound I am not too fond of hearing early in the morning is that of the woodpecker.  This can be quite loud and obnoxious depending upon how close it is to our house.  Once in awhile a woodpecker will decide to peck right on our house and that can really wake a person up quickly.  The other morning I felt like I had personal drill sergeants helping me on my run because just as I would get out of ear shot of one woodpecker I would encounter another one.  In the spring and fall we have the rare opportunity to hear geese honk overhead as they make their way north and south.  My all time favorite way to wake up is to hear the call of the loon echo across the water.