Round 3- Stinky Wins Again

     I’m ready for winter in more ways than one.  The main reason I’m ready is so Stinky goes to sleep and leaves me and my garbage alone!  It was another one of those nights last night; too much to do and too tired to do it so I didn’t take the garbage to the dump.  When Mike told his parents Stinky hadn’t been bothering him lately I said, "Maybe not you, but he’s bothering me!"  Mike proceeded to say, "We haven’t seen him in a week or so."  I said, "For Goodness Sakes, knock on wood."

     I obviously didn’t knock hard enough and Mike didn’t knock at all.  I’m not sure what time it was when Stinky decided to visit but Rugby alerted me to his presence.  The moon was bright, my window was open and my truck was parked just outside.  I could hear Stinky chomping on garbage in the woods and see he had been in my truck.  I yelled at him through the window numerous times but I was too tired to get up and chase him off.  I must have dozed off between shouts because the next time I woke up it was to the sound of my alarm clock.

     I got up and went outside to assess the damage.  It wasn’t too bad or maybe I’m just getting used to it.  There was a diaper, an old cob of corn, some plastic cups and other miscellaneous trash on the ground leading me right to his dining room in the woods.  I proceeded to clean up the mess, gather the rest of the garbage around the resort and then after dropping the kids off at the bus stop I made my way to the dump.

     I tried to look on the bright side of Stinky getting into my garbage truck.  Since he rips open every garbage bag it gives me opportunities I wouldn’t otherwise have.

  1. I get a chance to see what other people are eating for dinner.
  2. I find out which summer home owners are recycling and the ones who aren’t.
  3. There’s less garbage because I can pull out recycleable material that was mixed in with garbage.
  4. There’s less of a hassle getting it to fit into the dumpster because I get to shovel it in since it isn’t in the form of a big bulky bag anymore.
  5. I get to stink like Stinky while I’m cleaning up his mess.

     I’m not sure these are great opportunities but they are opportunities nonetheless.  I’m thinking about just setting a bowl of food out for Stinky but I don’t know if he would enjoy eating it from a bowl.  In any case, Stinky won again and only time will tell if there will be a Round 4.