Check out the Water Levels


<%image(20070924-seagull0907sm.jpg|250|167|Seagull River in September)%>

      I told you how much the water has come up since this spring but sometimes seeing is believing.  We paddled the rapids on the Seagull River on May 3rd of this year and were shocked at how little water was flowing.  Rocks could be seen everywhere and the path to get to Saganaga was very narrow.  At the end of August the rapids were beginning to look similar to May until we received the much needed rain.  Mike went for a boat ride the other day through the rapids and took some more pictures and the difference is amazing.  There were very few rocks that could be seen, thank you very much Mother Nature! 

<%image(20070924-rock907sm.jpg|200|133|Rapids Rock in September)%>