Road Hunting for Moose

Some people are in pursuit of happiness. This morning I was in pursuit of moose.  On my way out of the driveway the dog started barking like crazy. Neither the kids nor I could see out of the windshield because of the layer of frost that had collected overnight. I rolled down the window and right outside of it stood a momma moose.  We didn’t stay to watch the moose because we were on the way to the bus stop.

After I dropped the kids off I decided to take a little drive.  I love this time of the year when the fog clings to the surface of the water. The fog filters the sun as it rises slowly above the horizon. As I made my way back to Voyageur I spotted the moose again. This time both the mom and the baby were present.

Grandma Darlene is visiting so I went to get her and my camera in case we spotted them.  Before long we found them traveling along the road.  The light was still pretty low for photos but it didn’t stop me from taking over 100 pictures.

The moose were fairly cooperative and posed nicely for a couple of the pictures.  We were able to watch them for quite some time as they ate and drank at the moose pond.  Who would of thought my morning pursuit of moose would also bring me such happiness?



IMG_6665 IMG_6666

IMG_6581 IMG_6634 IMG_6666

IMG_6681 IMG_6683

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