Dream Book

There are very few catalogs I like to receive in my postal mailbox. The one I still love to get is the Steger Mukluk Catalog. When this catalog arrives I open it reluctantly because I know I will see pictures of the best winter boots ever made.

I could lie and say I don’t like them because they haven’t ever donated to Mush for a Cure even though we’ve asked every year.  Just the fact I keep asking should tell you how much I do still like them. Maybe one of these days we’ll get a pair donated for the FUNdraiser in March.

This year I open the book even more reluctantly because I know my pair of Mukluks were on their last leg last winter. The soles of the boots had become tacky which is OK if you’re walking on a slippery surface but not OK when you walk on carpet.  The carpet fibers began to stick on the bottom of the boot and soon everything was sticking and it was a big mess.

I called Steger to see what I could do with them. The rest of the boot is in pristine condition and they look almost brand new so I wanted to see if there was a way to repair them.  I had heard they could re-sole them but I guess they don’t do that anymore.  They asked how old they were and I had to think about it…  I had them before I was pregnant with Abby and she was born in November of 1999, you can do the math.  They suggested I try a plastic dip for the soles, the stuff you can dip tools into to rubberize them.  That just made a bigger mess.

So that is why I reluctantly open this year’s catalog.  I know I need a new pair and I know they are the best winter boot but the price tag makes me cringe.  The hand-felted boiled wool top boots are $259.95, but they are so pretty. And comfortable. And warm. And I really love Steger Mukluks.

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