Red Flag Warnings

     I just realized another reason why I love Fall.  When the wind blows strongly in the Fall the weather forecasters say there is a Wind Advisory.  Isn’t that awesome?  How bad can a wind advisory be if you aren’t planning to paddle or be on the water?  I love to hear there is a Wind Advisory because it means there isn’t a Red Flag Warning.

     A Red Flag Warning is issued when the conditions are favorable for fire growth.  It doesn’t mean a new fire will start but if there is a fire burning then the wind, low humidity and warm temperatures may cause the fire to grow rapidly.  We’ve had quite a few Red Flag Warning days on the Gunflint Trail and believe me, they are not fun.  Luckily our forest is not prone to forest fires in the fall due to cooler weather, moisture, shorter days and some foliage left on trees. 

     A wind advisory may be scary for some folks who spend time on big bodies of water but it doesn’t scare me.  I will just stay on land and inside of a building during the days when wind gusts are up to 30 or 40 miles per hour or more.  I’ll leave the tree clean up to the experienced folks and pray for other folks who have to go out in the wind.

      The only worries I have when there are wind advisories are wondering if we’ll keep our electricity and telephone service.  And to me, after having spent stints as long as 14 days without electricity and 40 some days without telephone, I guess I’ll take a wind advisory over a red flag warning anyday.

Thanks to all of the workers who keep our roadways clear and in good repair during storms and to the electric and telephone companies for working around the clock to keep Cook County going.  Be safe out there!