Problems with Perfectionism

     Let me start out by saying, "I don’t have a problem with perfectionism."  The problem I do have is that I am not surrounded by other perfectionists.  This makes life a little more complicated and stressful for me and everyone around me.  Everything has its place and I want everything in its place.  Is that asking too much?

     Maybe perfect doesn’t exist and it’s an illusion in my mind of everything being just so. Where did I get the idea that perfect exists?  Could it be from a magazine when they do a photo shoot of a house and there’s no clutter or on television where they rarely show a full garbage can or basket of laundry? I know longer get television or pay for any subscriptions but somewhere it is hardwired into my brain that perfect is out there but it is just out of my reach.  I know if everyone just tries a little harder, works a little more then we can make things perfect, right?

     Well, maybe not perfect, but close at least would be good.  It isn’t my problem if my expectations might be a little high and no one can come close to meeting them.  Is there someone out there that can help the folks around me with their problem?

     I am being sarcastic if you haven’t noticed that yet.  I know there is a problem with perfectionism.  It gets in the way of everything making it impossible to accomplish anything.  It’s like this morning when I sat down to write my blog.  I wanted to write about a hike I did on the Superior Hiking Trail the other day.  I can’t remember the exact mileage and I didn’t want to write down the wrong numbers so I started to look for my guide book.  That led me to my bookshelf that wasn’t exactly organized perfectly.  So, while searching for the book to write the blog I began arranging the books by topic, taking out ones I’ve read, straightening the rows and making the bookshelf almost perfect.  It still could be better.  I didn’t find the book so I went outside to get a map out of my car.  I found the map but I also found a drawing done by Josh, a couple of Diet Coke Cans(not mine) and one of Abby’s books.  I decided I should hang Josh’s drawing up, recycle the cans and put away Abby’s book.  I’m ok with Abby’s room being a mess right now but before I felt I could sit down I needed to use the bathroom.  That led me to straightening towels, putting a toothbrush away and noticing there was laundry to do.  Even though the laundry was hiding behind a shut cupboard door the fact I knew it was there is now nagging at me. 

     So, finally I sit down to write a blog.  Wanting each entry to be perfect but knowing if it needs to be perfect then it will never get done.  "Striving for perfection is the greatest stopper there is."  I can’t remember whose quote it is but it is 100% correct.  I am asking in all seriousness if anyone knows of a good book on the topic or of helpful hints that may make my life, and everyone’s around me, a little easier.  They don’t have to be perfect either, just close!