One More Day

     It’s just one more day until Halloween, the fastest growing "holiday" by consumer trends.  I know my kids look forward to the day and so do I. 

     We were talking about Trick or Treaters on the Gunflint Trail the other day.  The kids asked if we had ever had anyone come to our house to Trick or Treat.  I told them how the kids who are now in High School who ride their bus would come to our house on Halloween.  Tara is a Senior now and her brothers are right behind her in 11th and 10th Grade.  It’s hard to imagine Nick sitting cross legged on the floor in a purple Barney costume now that he is over 6 feet tall and probably close to 200 pounds. 

     I also told them about the other group of three Trick or Treaters who would stop over.  Courtney works at the school now and they know her daughter who goes to their school.  I spoke with Courtney yesterday about her Gunflint Trail Halloween adventures and she said it was great to stop at all of the lodges because they would get 3 or 4 full size candy bars but the downside was having to wait around while her mom visited with everyone.

     Trick or Treating on the Gunflint Trail is still similar to her experience.  We would usually call a few select homes to let them know a group of x number of kids would be stopping over at about x time.  The kids would fill their bags in 5 stops that would take 2 hours!  Then we’d go over for a lttle potluck and pinata fun at Gunflint Pines.  That was when all of the kids were still young and not interested in running around town with their friends.

     I’m afraid our days of Trick or Treating on the Gunflint Trail are over.  Last year we went to the Community Center for a party put on by the Student Council and Community Center Board.  After all of that fun and excitement we went Trick or Treating from house to house with a group of their friends.  They had a blast and I don’t think we’ll be able to convince them to do anything different again.

     Here’s wishing everyone a safe and fun Halloween tomorrow!