A Very Scary Story

     "I could have been shot, killed and left for dead for my father and sons to find me on the road."  Thank goodness this hunter was paying attention and was able to take cover behind his truck before the man not wearing blaze orange shot his high powered rifle down a straight road right at him.

     Were these men trying to kill an innocent hunter standing in the middle of the road in front of a red pick up truck?  The answer is no.  They were standing in the middle of the road shooting down the road in an attempt to kill a bull moose.

     What is wrong with this picture?  A number of things.  You are suppose to wear blaze orange while hunting, you don’t road hunt for moose and you don’t ever fire your weapon down a road, especially when there’s a person standing 300 yards away.

     The man who was shot at confronted the "hunters."  There was a man wearing blaze orange but he claimed he hadn’t shot.  After disbelief the other man was questioned and admitted to firing his weapon but claimed he didn’t hit the moose.  When asked what their names were they quickly stated it once and then wouldn’t release their names again.  After a few minutes the slob hunters left the area completely.

     The incident was reported to both the local game wardens and sheriff’s department.  The hunter who was shot at wasn’t completely satisfied by the investgation taking place so he went out in search of evidence.  He was able to locate both a blood trail and a dead bull moose a few hundred yards from the road.  Unfortunately the meat on the moose was spoiled and could not be used.

     This type of an incident is what gives hunters a bad name.  Hunting is a priviledge and a moose hunt is a once in a lifetime opportunity for residents of Minnesota.  Well, most residents of Minnesota that is.  These hunters are rumored to have special priviledges but I don’t think these priviledges include road hunting and reckless discharge of a firearm.

     This incident happened over two weeks ago.  What is happening to these men and their rights to hunt in the future?  Will they have special treatment as far as punishment goes too?  I hope their rights to hunt have been taken away as they obviously do not know the meaning of the word. 

      It is scary to think these "hunters" may not be punished.  It is even scarier to think we may not be safe during hunting season even walking down the middle of the road.  It’s a very scary story for the man who was shot at but thankfully there was a happy ending.  It would be even happier if the "hunters" are never allowed to hunt again.